Sunday, January 06, 2019

And yet ... and yet

Reading just one inside page of the Washington Post reminds me of why I subscribe but one day a week, and that for the crossword puzzle.

For decades, the Post has appealed to its dwindling advertisers by catering stories to rich guilty liberals. The story today is about college early admissions, but only to top schools, and how they supposedly help the wealthy and widen inequality. The story doesn’t make clear to me why that is, since low-income students have help with financial aid and affirmative action programs, but what gets to me is it focuses on twins who live in the District of Columbia – that’s a good angle about inequality – but, wait,  hey go to an expensive private school in Maryland! (Oh, reader demographics!) And they won early admission. But they feel bad for their classmates who didn’t!

Maybe there is an important educational issue here, though I doubt it, but who the Tlaib cares? People do what they need to do, take advantage of what they have, and life moves on.

Moving down, I read the obit of Southwest Air founder Herb Kelleher, otherwise well written, but telling us right off: “He once arm-wrestled an executive from another company to settle a legal dispute and never hid his fondness for cigarettes and bourbon. Yet he was considered a visionary business leader …”

Yet? Yet? What does arm-wrestling or unhealthy personal habits have to do with business acumen?
At least the Post  gave me warning with a circus headline not to read its masturbatory salute to itself on the 50th anniversary of the Style section – from the beginning, a frothing stew of New Journalism #memostly accounts of the rich and powerful, including its own writers from the execrable Sally Quinn to the current puke-inducing self-loving of Hank Stuever.

(Hypocrisy disclosure: I am a frequent contributor to a Style humor column but the section has been moved over the year to virtual invisibility.)

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