Friday, September 04, 2009

Republicans -- the Grand Old Klan

The cancer that is Republicanism is now terminal – not for the vampires, who cannot be killed, but for the very country these corpo-fascists are intent on destroying.

The latest outrage is sudden nationwide massive right-wing resistance to the idea of the president of the United States addressing the nation’s schoolchildren on the importance of education and of making a contribution to their country. One would think this is not only harmless, but a positive teachable moment having nothing to do with politics.

Since I do not visit the garbage dump populated by Rush, Glenn and Sean, I am not sure which patsy of the corporate titans – could it be the criminals at Pfizer? – started the uproar that Obama wants to “indoctrinate” America’s children. But it took only 24 hours for it to sweep the nation, meaning that just like opposition to health insurance reform, someone was behind it; someone or some people manipulating the goobers whose hatreds are stronger than their intelligence, and using the news media, all owned by corporate powers.

So next Tuesday, parents across America will keep their children home rather than have them listen to the president of the United States. Some school systems will not even allow the broadcast.

What are they afraid of? The same thing these redneck trailer turds in three piece suits and high heels have always been afraid of – that their children might use their brains.

One school system that is refusing to let the president of the United States into its classrooms is Loudoun County, Virginia. Home of the “massive resistance” to desegregation in the 1950s that closed its schools rather than let blacks attend.

It is inescapable now – after Republicans lied about Obama’s birth and health care, brought guns to town hall meetings where Democrats spoke, refused to participate in crafting moderate legislation and did the bidding of their insurance and drug industry masters – that the party and its base is the 21st Century home of the Ku Klux Klan.

It is not about health care, it is not about deficits, it is not about Nancy Pelosi or even about socialism. It is about hatred of an educated competent black man running the country.

It is an inescapable conclusion because health care, the economy, foreign policy are all issues that traditionally have been debated in the broad center of the political spectrum. Republicans once might try to improve a Democratic idea, and Democrats once might have swallowed tax breaks for the rich in order to get a few crumbs for the poor. But they talked. No more.

The Republican party is 10 times more toxic than swine flu. That the Republican party is a racist organization is an inescapable conclusion because it opposes the president of all the people and the chief of state making a nonpartisan uplifting presentation to America’s students. Since President Reagan and George H.W. Bush did the same thing without protest, there is only one reason that the most educated, most accomplished and most skilled public speaker ever to occupy the White House would be opposed.

The most shameful individual involved in this is Republican party chairman Michael Steele, who was born, raised and now schemes just a few miles from a historic building just outside of Washington. It is known as Uncle Tom's Cabin.


  1. Oh Ira, you crack me up.

    Your arguments have more holes than Sonny Corleone on the causeway.

    Of *course* it's about healt chare, deficits Nancy Pelosi and socialism. But, to the liberal left mind, all of these things are *good* and thus, there must be some other motivation aside from the real one -- these things are bad.

    The overwhelming popularity of Secretary Rice, a well-spoken, well-educated black woman among people on the right, contradicts your imbecilic deductions.

    The *long time* support for Secretary Powell among people on the right, before he began articulating leftist policies, highlights a flaw in your deductions.

    The unending favorability among people on the right for Justice Thomas I think exemplifies the fact that your argument does not hold water.

    Like you, I haven't visited Rushville in a long time, don't get Hannity, and have never once listened to Glenn Beck, so I don't know what they're saying either. However.... my personal objection came from reading the Department of Education's website when it was linked on Drudge. (click my name above for link)

    The DOE's recommendations to schoolteachers includes the following ditty: Teachers were recommended to have students "Write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president."

    *That* sir, is indoctrination.

    It's not bigoted, it's not racist, it's not any of the ridiculout things you write of.

    President Obama is headed straight to the schoolchildren, and his administration wants them to write about how they can help him. Mold the minds before they can be molded by independent thought. This is the same approach taken by many regimes. *That* sir is what cause the outrage.

    So while you are wholly incapable of discussing the issue on its merits, you just continue to foam and spew and denigrate reasonable people.

    People who object to socialism, government-controlled healthcare, Nancy Pelosi, huge deficits and indoctrination of our nation's children.

    Wanna blame somebody? Blame Drudge. 'Cause every human with a computer reads it, and independent thinkers come to their own conclusions.

    Condi for President, 2012!

  2. The only interesting thing I see in your response is your shift from Sarah Palin, who in your words was a VPILF, to Condoleezza Rice. What happened?

    Rice was totally powerless, outmaneuvered by the Cheney-Rumsfeld cabal, and, along with Powell, has very liberal tendencies for a Republican. She has zero experience or knowledge of domestic issues. I am shocked, shocked, you would support her.