Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yes, They DO Have Consequences

After stealing one election and spewing fear and hatred to eke out another one, the Republicans would claim a nonexistent mandate to trash the Constitution and wreck the economy by gloating, "Elections have consequences."

Boy, do they! (Unless your name is Joe "the Traitor" Lieberman.)

Inside this morning's newspaper were these fairly short, fairly boring articles that more than anything else show how this past election has already started liberating the world from the tyranny of a political party that, since 1932, could win the presidency only if it had someone named Nixon or Bush on the ticket.

Israel's Olmert Vows to Set Free 250 Palestinian Prisoners

Bush Speaks With Libya's Gaddafi in Historic Phone Call

Bush's Reversal on Iraq Deadline Gives Obama Flexibility

Bush has 63 days left (if my math is correct) and nothing could honor his presidency so much as his leaving it.

My fervent wish is that he reverse the ancient medical oath of Hippocrates and "last, do no harm."

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