Thursday, November 06, 2008

Campaign Droppings - XX


Every four years I love looking at newspaper maps of the United States and being able to pick out the precise location of Middle America's universities -- little blue dots in the midst of a red sea.

Where the Wind Comes Sweepin' Down the Palin

Oklahoma has replaced Utah as the most Republican state, presidentially, despite Obama's shout-outs to Sen. Tom Coburn. Oklahoma is the only state in which Obama did not win a single county. (Except for bright red Alaska, America's Mars, where there are no counties!)

Obama won Peoria, Ill.!!!

Baltimorons Getting More GOPPY

In Maryland, the DC suburb of Prince George's County, long a racially integrated area that also has the highest-income black population in the country, gave a higher percentage of its vote to Obama than did the city of Baltimore.

C'mon Libs, Get Off Your Asses (or out of each others')

I was surprised that Manhattan and San Francisco gave Obama a mere 85 percent of the vote each.

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