Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Campaign Droppings - XIX

An Illegal Smile (with apologies to John Prine)

A U.S. government agency held a long-scheduled meeting with a large group of Africans a little less than 10 hours after Barack Obama won the presidency. The head of the agency greeted the group circumspectly, since politics are, by law, excluded from things civil servants are allowed to take sides on during business hours.

The agency head simply said, "What a morning!" The group broke into spontaneous applause.

At the same meeting, an even higher government official explained that law to the African visitors and said, "But I checked with the lawyers this morning and I was told I could smile all day."

One of the Africans stood up and said, "You, the United States, have won. I haven't felt like this since Nelson Mandela was released."

And Darn It, People Like Me!

I sure hope Al Franken wins his recount and becomes senator from Minnesota. He would immediately replace Harry Reid as the funniest member.

Not a Total Sweep

Whatever the outcome of the four undecided Senate races, the Democrats are going to lose two members.

Joe Biden and Barack Obama!!! ;-)

She'll Be Baaaack

The citizens of Alaska, God's frozen people, apparently will re-elect an 84-year-old to the Senate -- for the first time in history of the Republica voting to return a convicted felon to office.

The Senate, however, will eventually kick Ted Stevens' wrinkled old corrupt ass out leaving a vacancy that could easily be filled by the governor of his state resigning and being appointed to the Senate by the new governor. That would put Sarah Palin in the Senate, which is perfect because she would be the only member to actually use the historic brass spitoons.

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