Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dead-End Streets

Perhaps even as I write this, President Bush is signing into law the renaming of part of U.S. Route 20 near Buffalo, N.Y., "Timothy J. Russert Highway." Its fans say the highway is the longest one in the United States, befitting the longest farewell tour in American history.

To use the first journalism cliches that come to mind, I am shocked, dismayed and appalled.

The last thing a journalist, dead or alive, ought to do is have something other than a journalism school or barstool named after him or her.

All I can say is that if the road bears any resemblance to its namesake, it will be wide, aimless, self-illuminated and have a bright yellow stripe down its middle.

I believe in fairness, so I ask on behalf the past week's newly dead:

Where is the Tony Snow Roundabout? The Patricia Buckley Bozell Far Right-of-Way? The Michael DeBakey Quadruple Bypass?

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