Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is My Day-Job Reading

Government gobbledygook is bad enough, but combine government and science and here is what you get. Now, this is from a peer-reviewed journal by authors at the pinnacle of their expertise and written for other highly pinnacled people.

I think some mice may have given their furry little lives for this.

Figure 2. (A) The upper panel is the amide region of NOESSY spectrum with the peptide RIWKFDELSKAFKNVEIDPK. The underlined part indicates the core region
targeted for binding, and the flanking residues were added to allow for the likelihood of terminal residues unraveling in solution. The lower panel shows the 1H secondary chemical shifts (according to residue number within the peptide), which were derived from the -proton chemical shifts of the peptide after subtracting the corresponding random-coil values. The amide resonance of residue K20 was not observable, and the preceding residue is a proline. The 1H chemical shift of D18 was modified due to the neighboring proline effects. (B)Surface plasmon resonance studies of the mAbs binding to full-length Brugia malayi identified two patterns of association curves. (C) Immunoblot representative of four IgG1 mAbs reactive with native B. malayi AsnRS and 1–110 amino terminus truncated B. malayi AsnRS. Unrelated proteins (control 1: bovine serum albumin, control 2: E. coli protein) and recombinant human AsnRS were not immunoreactive. (D) Immunostaining of adult Brugia malayi using mAb 3D6. (Upper left) Cross-section of female worm-negative IgG1 isotype control showing distribution of embryos (center) and poorly visualized muscle cells under the cuticle. (Lower left) Saggital section of negative control mature female worm. (Upper right) Immunostaining (brown) of intrauterine embryos and larvae with mAb 3D6. (Lower right) Intense immunostaining of intrauterine structures using mAb 3D6.

I can't show you the figures because I assume they are copyrighted, but I do hope from time to time to amuse, frighten and evoke sympathy from Faithful Readers with these kind of examples of what causes migraine.

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