Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another Day-O, Another Dollar

If you had a banana with breakfast today, as I did, you, too, are likely guilty of aiding terrorists.

I wrote about this last March, how the Chiquita company, formerly the United Fruit company that overthrew Latin America democracies and is now headed by a pal of President Bush, paid protection money to Colombian terrorists.

The company entered into a plea agreement to pay a fine of $25 million. But now it is petitioning a federal court to let them back out of the deal because they claim they were told by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Gonzales that maybe their U.S. interests were better served by allowing Chiquita to keep supporting terrorism rather than stop importing bananas.

The argument is being pressed by the company's lawyer, one Eric Holder, a guy whose future seemed unlimited when he was a liberal deputy attorney general under Bill Clinton. Now, with a reactionary Supreme Court unlikely to change soon to afford him a spot, Holder threw his lot in with international thugs to keep Bush cronies in bed with terrorists.

A decision by the judge is expected next Monday.

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