Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lame Dick

The vice president of the United States got a new Pacemaker last Saturday. He should have gotten a new heart, instead. And a strait jacket. His mental illness is now apparent, even to his sockpuppet, Potus.

As his well documented plan to turn America into an authoritarian state, dating from the 1970s when he became Don Rumsfeld’s pet rock, becomes more exposed, Cheney turns more bizarre.

In an interview with Creampuff Inquisitor Larry King last night, Cheney said:
  • Hillary Clinton was making “political charges” by asking the Pentagon for a briefing on whether plans exist for a troop drawdown in Iraq. He supported the Defense Department official who accused the senator of helping the enemy by making the request. Cheney lied, "What we don't do is we don't get into the business of sharing operational plans -- we never have -- with the Congress." Clinton did no such thing. She asked about whether plans existed. Since she is on the committee that authorizes war funding, it was a reasonable request.
So reasonable that Defense Secretary William Gates already had told Clinton he will be "pleased to work with you and the Senate Armed Services Committee to establish a process to keep you apprised of the conceptual thinking, factors, considerations, questions and objectives associated with drawdown planning.” Not good enough for Cheney, who was secretary of defense, himself, before and after Rumsfeld.he Democrats are on a witchhunt" by investigating circumstances behind the firing of U.S. attorneys and threatening to hold Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in contempt for his repeated perjury. Yet the Washington Post reports today that a high-ranking Gonzales aide called a U.S. attorney late at night asking him to delay accepting a guilty plead from the felonious pharmaceutical company that makes the often-lethal drug OxyContin. The U.S. attorney did not do so, and eight days later his name was on the hit list to be fired.

  • “But if you wanted to be liked, I should never have gotten involved in politics in the first place. Remember, success for a politician is 50 percent plus one. You don't have to have everybody on board.”

    How dismissive of the American people! Show me one other politician who does not crave adulation as Rush Limbaugh craved OxyContin. Every single politician, especially in the national command structure, needs as much popularity as possible in order to build consensus. But Cheney, the ventriloquist to the Jerry Mahoney he manipulates in the Oval Office, never wanted to fulfill popular will. With freedom-curdling animosity to democratic ideals, they have divided America so that by 50 percent plus one they can steal elections, crumple the Constitution, emasculate Congress and change every rule in the book. You have to go back to 1933 to find a similar regime.
  • He is like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in fighting the Revolution (the first modern terrorist war) and the Civil War. King said, “But in all cases, they did question themselves. Don’t you?” Replied Cheney: “No.” The King may have only suspenders to distinguish himself, but he exposed the Emperor Dick as having no clothing at all.How did Cheney get to power? A Rolling Stone article from 2004 explains. One of his early mentors was Don Rumsfeld, who surprised some people today by responding voluntarily to a congressional request to testify today on the dastardly Army cover-up of the killing of pro football player Pat Tillman, who joined the Rangers, went to Afghanistan and was shot by his own men. It is still not entirely clear it was even an accident.
The general most responsible was evading federal marshals and could not be found to testify. But Rumsfeld testified. He said the coverup that scored political points at the time for Cheney’s White House stooge and destroyed Tillman’s family wasn’t his fault. It was the Army’s. To hear Rumsfeld and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Richard Myers tell it, the Army is part of some other agency of government, not the Department of Defense.

By the way, when King asked Cheney about the probe of Gonzales, he said, "They keep rolling over rocks hoping they can find something.” Finally, Cheney said something that resonated here. Rolling Rock. One of the best, most satisfying least expensive beers ever made.

Unfortunately, like the rest of America, it is no longer independent, having been taken over by the Busch family.

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