Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Commuter in Chief

Before this week, Washington, D.C., ranked pretty high on the list of American cities with the worst commutes. Today, the nation’s capital is No. 1.

President Bush commuted the prison term of a guy whose very nickname – Scooter – makes him unlikely to have a pleasant time in federal custody.

As I have said before in this space, I am not terribly impressed by the prosecution, conviction and now-moot incarceration of Irving Lewis Libby.

Politics is politics, and the law is the law. Both are asses, and putting nonviolent first-offenders in prison doesn’t do anything for anybody, least of all the offender.

But there is some satisfaction in the fact that Bush has further exposed himself by contradicting every principle he has always believed in both as governor of Texas and Chief Magistrate of the United States.

With any luck, Bush’s action will cause help repeal of Dickensian sentencing laws that have caused an exodus from the federal bench as judges have felt they have no leeway. With any luck, the Republicans will be exiled from power for a generation as a result of their high-handed multiple hypocrisies and perversions of justice.

Commentator Keith Olbermann has a well-written suggestion that Bush and Cheney simply do the honorable thing on this Independence Day and resign.

There is no way they will ever be imprisoned, but one can take satisfaction that when their mortal race is over, Bush and Cheney will join Saddam Hussein in hell.

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