Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Law Day!

By presidential proclamation, today, May 1 is “Law Day.” You know what President Bush calls it? “Tuesday.”

As is usual, a junior speechwriter came up with this year’s wording, including the following knee-slapper:

Our Nation is built upon the rule of law and guided by our founding promise of freedom, equality, and justice for all. Law Day is an opportunity to celebrate the Constitution and the laws that protect our rights and liberties and to recognize our responsibility as citizens to uphold the values of a free and just society.

What a rich irony that Law Day 2007 also falls on the anniversary of Bush fighter-jockeying a landing on a carrier festooned with the famous Mission Accomplished banner. That was four years ago. It is also the day Congress was sending the president a bill containing funds to “support our troops,” which Bush will veto on grounds the timetable for withdrawal of those troops contained in the bill will be a “blueprint” for the forces of evil to defeat the United States. The defeat was sealed long ago, the day Bush stole the 2000 election and vowed to invade the country his father was wise enough to treat as the minor irritant it was.

In the month ending yesterday 100 Americans were killed in Iraq. The overall toll is 3,351, 3,212 of whom died after the mission was “accomplished.”

Since it is Law Day, let’s remember what the greatest criminal America has ever produced has done:

o Stole an election
o Retaliated for 9/11 against a country and people that had nothing to do with
o Condoned torture in violation of international law
o Repealed habeas corpus
o Appended about 800 “signing statements” to Acts of Congress, declaring he would interpret them how ever he feels like.
o Condoned the obstruction of justice in the political firing of federal prosecutors.

These are what come to mind instantly, so, dear reader, please feel free to add more instances.

It’s a funny thing about Republicans. They never care that their leaders are stupid, crooked or evil. As long as they LOOK like leaders:

Ronald Reagan, a vaguely liberal, second-rate actor who only sounded like a president after GE filled his straw head with corporati mush; G.W. Bush with his gunslinger gait that fled duty in Vietnam; Rudy Giuliani, who failed miserably to protect his city from terrorists and who knows nothing about foreign policy; and now Fred Thompson, a lazy and ineffective senator but a tough-sounding TV prosecutor.

Jonathan Chait in The New Republic expounds this theme more coherently than I.
(free registration required).

He concludes:

If Thompson's TV character were a bumbler who brought unfounded charges against innocent people, nobody would be touting him for president. But screwing things up is not an impediment to winning the GOP nomination, as long as it only happens in real life.

And who do we have to thank for this modern-day Republican faucet of frauds, phonies and fools? The ignorance of voters who want simple answers, even when those answers are wrong. Sometimes, especially when they are wrong.

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