Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Out, Damned Smoke!

The Journal of the American Medical Association reports today that a study of bars in Scotland shows an immediate improvement in the health of employees once smoking was banned. For 30 years, evidence has been compiled about the long-term negative effects of second-hand smoke, and the battle has now moved from offices to restaurants and to the back seats of cars.

The important finding here is that the improvement in breathing among waiters and bartenders was seen within two months following a government ban on smoking. Previous studies have showed immediate sharp reductions in heart attacks in some American communities where indoor smoking was banned.

Such laws are no-brainers, an apt description of the Camel Cavalcade of deniers who feel death is an appropriate remedy for those who choose to work in the restaurant industry. Not only is health improved, but the there is mounting evidence that sales increase when the smoke is banned.

Now, what can we do about that other disgusting staple of Scottish taverns – the haggis?


  1. Anonymous6:28 AM

    The sudden age of enlightenment with regard to the effects of passive smoking seems to have suddenly taken off at a gallop. Not only does England follow the lead of Scotland and the Republic of Ireland but yesterday there was an announcement as startling as Israel turning Catholic - France is to ban smoking in public places from next year! If that bastion of the Gauloise, held between the lips even during meals, can fall then non smokers have at last conquered the world!

    Brian F.

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    There has been a complete ban on smoking in public places here including bars and bingo halls for the last year or so.

    It's nice to stop for a beer and a sandwich without coming out smelling of tobacco smoke but I wonder if the complete ban isn't overkill.

    Bars are bars after all and what is a rowsing game of bingo without a few dozen fags to calm a wildly beating heart when we come within one number of winning the jackpot?

    It saddens me to see expectant mothers, the injured, and the sick standing outside the hospital entrance when the temperature hovers at -25, faces blue with cold, shivering, IV's clanking, a frostbitten frail hand cupped protectively before a flickering match...all so they can have a smoke.