Monday, October 09, 2006

Chickens Coming Home to Roost

I know, I know. Progressives aren't supposed to take heart when things go badly for the Smirking Chimp lest the Republicans gain a talking point. But what a day! Bush's job approval rating is down to 33 percent -- rapidly approaching Nixon's standing.

For the first time, a majority of Americans believe Democrats are better equipped to fight the "war on terror." The October surprise Democrats were cringing at turned out to be a Cocktober Surprise -- Mastergate -- entangling gay Republican hypocrites, the Christian right and the morally corrupt leadership of the House of Representatives, to whom the only crime is losing power. Eighty percent of Americans believe Republicans would rather cover up sexual predation than protect teenagers.

These numbers in a New York Times poll before the North Koreans fulfilled Bushitler's prophecy of them as part of an axis of evil. Well, if the world has to go to hell in order to loosen the poisonous chokehold of fear, corruption and treason, I'm happily donning an asbestos suit!

Before it's over, the Bushies won't be worried just about North Korea, but North Dakota as well!


  1. Well put, my friend, well put! Go Dems!!

  2. Anonymous4:46 AM

    I'm commenting here from 3000 miles away but the general impression given in our media...and to some extent by a bit I read in the that belief in the Democrats as a party of government at the moment is truly underwhelming in the US and that they are gaining support primarily because of how badly the Government is handling things. Of course, this is a world wide political phenomenon, that governing parties lose elections, oppositions dont win them, but the race for the Senate this time really does look like a whole series of own goals from the GOP right across the spectrum rather than any brave policy inititatives by the opposition. I really hope the Dems can get their act together and look like a potential Administration well before 2008..but is there even a clear indication of who might actually win a Presidential election for them? I know there are plenty of candidates putting their hats in the ring ..but a winner?

    Brian F.

  3. Well, I used up all my good lines in a previous response that never got posted, so here is an abbreviated version.

    It is way too early to determine who would run or be elected in 2008. History teaches that in America any idiot can run for president and by God any idiot can be elected.

    Eugene McCarthy once said that running for president is like being a football coach: You have to be smart enough to know how to do it and dumb enough to want to.

    I am neutral on Hillary Clinton, but she does remind me of an incident in 1968 when a guy I thought was a friend and have barely spoken to since came out for Richard Nixon. His excuse was that Nixon would be president some time so we might as well get it over with.