Sunday, October 08, 2006

1938 in Amerika

Four weeks from now, Americans might be participating in their last free election. A return of Republican majorities to both houses of Congress would be a triumph of fear over freedom. I chronicled the abuses of the American fuehrer until I got tired of pissing into the wind.

Now, with some conservatives realizing that their small-government hero has violated nearly every part of the Constitution, and a gay conservative predator being unmasked, there is a slight hope that the right-wing predators of democracy will be unmasked and unseated.

If not, then say goodbye to a 225-year experiment in freedom. American citizens who oppose the Bush regime could be jailed and held incommunicado as enemies of the state, you and and your mother-in-law could be wiretapped, and every important government policy will continue to be made in secret with no dissent allowed.

A friend recently sent me a New York Times op-ed describing how an emperor destroyed a previous great democracy by using the same tactics Bush is using now to cow a Congress whose only concern is holding on to their seats -- or those of page boys.

Should the Republicans succeed in turning out the vote and stealing another elections, then three things progressive Americans will need to do immediately to have any hope of preserving democracy: 1)Disband the useless political organism known as the Democratic party 2) Buy a gun 3) Get your passport in order.

In the meantime, vote; vote Democratic; vote often!

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