Wednesday, October 13, 2010

326 Days

Members of my family have worked for the federal government for roughly 130 years. So, it was with enthusiasm that I jumped at the chance late last year to go to work in the public affairs office of the FDA.

I was excited about serving in government under an administration that promised transparency and change. I approached the job with enthusiasm, diligence and 40 years of experience in the world of media. Every single day, I enjoyed the difficult challenge and believe that I rose to it.

Unfortunately, the person who hired me was replaced early in my tenure, and this week I resigned after 326 days -- the third to depart of the six hired at the same time last November.

While the agency itself is pursuing laudable goals, the methods and goals of the new public affairs leader -- a political appointee who was 10 years from being born when I began working in media -- are radically different than the old.

Odd though it may seem, I may pursue opportunities elsewhere in the agency or in government; I may resume consulting; or I may retire to browner pastures.

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