Friday, August 06, 2010

Myth of the Curmudgeon

I visited with my extended family up from Florida last night to help welcome two new members. They are Gino and Sammy, age 3 and 4 respectively, who until last spring were orphans in Haiti. The earthquake proved fortuitous in one respect; that my nephew Tim was able to go to the island and expedite their adoption.

They join their older sisters Zoe and Adoniyah their mom, Jen. Although they are not "matched" in the way we expect siblings to be, there is not a set of four more beautiful and likable children that I have ever run across. Not even in my car!

To visit them, I bypassed my usual Thursday night volunteer recording of textbooks for the blind and dyslexic.

But I got my reading in by offering up a couple of kid favorites and entertaining an audience that really couldn't help being held captive.

Sammy is the left, Gino to the right, Addie on my lap and Clyde, the son of a friend of Tim's and Jen's behind me.


And heeeeere's Zoe!

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