Monday, June 14, 2010

A Link (or two) to the Past

I watched Jimmy Dean live on local TV in the early '50s when he was just starting out. I think he either preceded or followed the Alan Young show.

I think my predilection for country and western music may have begun in infancy, but maybe it was growing up in the D.C. area, which was a hotbed of the country and bluegrass genres because, in no small part, it was the biggest media market closest to the hills of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Carolina.

Anyway, I liked Jimmy Dean's cornball act because he seemed genuine and humble. Which is exactly how I found him about five years ago when I had a chance to chat with him at a function.

I'm not a huge sausage fan, but I did buy his product a few times and didn't die. Here's a "link" to his obit in the Washington Post.

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