Monday, November 23, 2009

I Did it My Way (for a while, anyway)

The federal government has done what the greatest adversary of this blog could not do.

Shut it down.

I will not bury it, lest I lose brilliant ideas that may have flecked the nearly 500 posts I have committed in the past three years, but will suspend comment on anything of substance. I hope to find a way to preserve the archives while at the same time keeping anyone from finding them!

In case you missed the news, as of today I am on the payroll of the United States government as a spokesman for one of its significant agencies. Not the spokesman, actually more like e pluribus unum, but my boss suggested with eminent good sense that he really doesn’t want to have to defend anything beyond what he has to already.

So, let me state for the record that – like Dallas, The Bob Newhart Show and St. Elsewhere” -- each of the previous 493 postings was merely an episode in an extended dream sequence.

In the meantime, Ira R. Allen remains on Facebook and Twitter.

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