Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stairway to Nowhere

Followers of this blog may recall that we embarked last Jan. 19 on a home renovation that involved adding a new master bedroom, master bath, powder room, laundry room and walk-in closet -- all contained in a new wing to the house -- plus an open wide and long front portico.

It was to take six months, which I thought was kind of long considering how quickly multi-million-dollar McMansions are erected in this neighborhood.

We went with the contractor who impressed us most with likeability and flexibility.


This project is now is on track to take nearly as along as a full-term pregnancy. Today is the eight-month mark, and each week brings new unforseen delays. Gee, the concrete company fell behind on Friday on an existing project and couldn't get to our house till 4 p.m. and our contractor didn't want to make his workers work into the night because they have families.

Duh. We have one, too! The list of excuses has been endless -- personal family issues, the bricklayer hurt his elbow, the gas company didn't come in time to move a line, it rained most of May (but not at all in June or July!). At various times the subcontractors cut off our power, our water and our phone service.

My only advice to others is never sign a contract that has no penalty for delay, and make sure in checking references that meeting the schedule is the most important factor.

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