Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Recommendation and a Thought

Just came across America Blog, which looks interesting and has a great blogroll.

Also just read an interesting editorial in The New Republic suggesting that what is wrong with politics today is the Republican Party. Well, we already knew that but the point made is: "The GOP is no longer representing interest groups; rather, it has become an interest group itself -- and an implacable one."

In other words, Republican believe in nothing programmatically and exist only to demonize those, regardless of the quality of their ideas, who actually have some.

The editorial uses the health care debate to make the point, pointing out that since the "special interests" are in favor of a Democratic health reform plan (they get enriched at taxpayer expense), the Republican party opposes health reform just because it feels like it.

Same subject: Amusing public service ad by Will Ferrell and his pals about how the real victims of health reform are the insurance companies.

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