Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Hate the Sinner, Too

The honeymoon lasted just six months, and now President Obama is in the dog house of the American people, a collection of the smartest individuals ever evolved but dumber than amoebae when acting as a group.

Today’s polls show the more Obama talks up the necessity of health care reform, the less the people support him or reform. The Republicans are winning because they, alone among mammals have the ability to stick together -- and lie without shame.

They have opposed everything Obama has done, said or believed without ever coming up with a counterproposal to anything. The reason for that is simple – Republicans do not want anything done at all on any problem facing the country. So their strategy has the benefit of simplicity, as befits their intellect. If you are for nothing, then you are free to attack someone on the basis of his party and now, thanks to Glenn Beck, his skin color.

Everything Republicans have done in the past 20 years has been intended to divide Americans from one another, spew hatred and protect the very wealthy, or those who wish to be wealthy but are too dim to understand they never will be as long as any Republican is ever elected to office. As Harry Truman, as partisan a Democrat as ever lived but who conservatives would have you believe was a Republican, once said: “If you want to live like a Republican, you have to vote Democratic.” When nothing happens, those who have it all prosper. There is no hope for anyone else, and that is the way the debauched demagogues who put their religion above their public responsibilities and their dicks into anything that moves want things.

On health care, the venomous vermin in the Republican party have succeeding in tipping the political debate after losing handily in the last couple of elections. Their lies have finally convinced a majority of Americans that health care reform will hurt them. They have convinced most people that Obama has failed because the economy that Republicans wrecked in eight years has not turned around in six months.

Consider, in the past week elected Republicans have said health care reform legislation will kill old people, allow for an upsurge in abortions, take their doctors away and destroy freedom. And that is because – remember this is all from elected Republicans – the president of the United States is an undocumented Muslim socialist.

I am making none of this up!

Then there is Glenn Beck who has called Obama a racist! And Lou Dobbs, still employed by CNN, who is demanding Obama produce the birth certificate that is part of the public record. And there is Rush Limbaugh, the thrice-married drug-addicted bloviator who could not tell the truth of if he were waterboarded. (If he were, I would feel sorry for the board.)

The problem is that Democrats, or progressives, are incapable of agreeing on even general principles and they are too decent, in general, to adopt Republican tactics that have not changed since Dick Nixon, Dick Armey and Dick Morris crawled out from under rocks. Democrats and progressives are doomed; handicapped by the inconvenience of thought.

So to anyone who thinks Republicans have the answers (and these are people who demand that the federal government keep its hands off their Medicare!), I suggest they:

Lose their Medicare coverage.

Lose their veterans benefits

Lose their Social Security

Lose use of interstate highways

Lose tax deductions on their home mortgages

Lose flood insurance when their trailers are swept away by the Big Muddy

Lose police protection and

Get sick from unvaccinated children or AIDS-infected whores and die.

Then, the only government they will have to worry about is that of the Eternal King. And He is going to be mighty pissed at them.


  1. Northeast Elizabeth12:14 AM

    Lou Dobbs, still employed by CNN, who is demanding Obama produce the birth certificate that is part of the public record.

    Incorrect. The document that is in the public record is a 2007 computer printout of a Certification of Live Birth. It is not signed by actual witnesses to the birth. Rather, it is signed by state official who claim that they have reviewed the original 1961 birth certificate, which is signed by the doctor and other witnesses. The 1961 long form birth certificate that Dobbs is asking for is not in the public record.

  2. My own birth certificate is a certified copy. As are the birth certificates of my wife and one of my children. Do you think I am not a citizen? Do you think Obama should be immediately arrested as an undocumented worker?

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Why not just produce the document and put the issue to rest?

  4. With all your ranting about how gawdawful the republicans are, you pretty much miss the point as to why a majority of Americans have serious concerns with this health care plan.

    Obviously, the concept of "freedom" is of little importance to you.

    I've read most of the 1,000 page proposed legislation. FREEDOM is NOT a concern to the writers.

    This is scary at best, fascist at its core worst.

  5. What if he doesn't have his original birth certificate, as I do not have mine. A certified copy is exactly that -- stamped/sealed by the governing authority.

    Do you have your original Social Security card, or draft card?

    Let's say Obama either doesn't have an original certificate, or let's say he is hiding something. What possible difference does it make? The irony is that it was John McCain who was not born in the United States. And it was Mitt Romney's grandparents who illegally immigrated to the United States from Mexico.

    What is the point? None.

  6. Sorry if I have replied to the comments out of order.

    To Herr Glock:

    For about 60 years, a majority of the American people have been in favor of some form of health insurance reform, until this week. The change is due to a relentless series of well publicized lies.

    That, my friend, is the fascism here.

    Everyone who has ever looked seriously at our health care system -- which is NOT the best in the world, not even close -- knows what is wrong and how to fix it.

    But it won't be fixed until there is a Depression brought about the utter collapse of an economy due to bloated health costs and a populace too unhealthy to be fully productive.

    Freedom has nothing to do with anything except your mouth. Do nothing, as you seem to prefer, and your own health care will become more expensive with less quality.

    The reason common sense does not prevail is that insurance ratbastards control every single state legislature and both houses of Congress.

    The insurance system is gamed much worse than Wall Street was, and if you think the physical, mental, economic and spiritual health of this great nation is worth nothing, then you will continue to stand up for "freedom" while it all goes down the toilet.

    You are an amazing piece of ... work.

    You want freedom, but only by limiting it for others, whether it involves health care, criminal justice, economics or national security.

    Yet whatever your physical or financial station in life, it is due in large part to living in a social and cultural milieu in which we all prosper when everyone has a chance to live a decent life.

    May you live a long, healthy life, because if you had your way, illness would be a disaster for you.

  7. You continue to amplify my point.

    There is *nothing* more important than FREEDOM.

    However, this bill restricts the freedom of individual citizens, it restricts the freedom of doctors and medical professionals, it restricts the freedom of private employers, it restricts the freedom of the insurance industry.

    This.... from assholes who can't even get three days of vehicle trade-in's right? Christ -- the auto industry has been accepting trade-in vehicles for 3 generations in a transaction that takes 10 minutes. Put the US Government in charge of it, and the whole thing collapses in three days because of incompetent bureaucrats.

    I want this for my health care?

    I opt OUT of this asinine healthcare program and I have to pay a $2,500 penalty?? That is NOT FREEDOM.

    That is an oppressive government, controlling peoples lives, the type of which leads to revolution.

    Perhaps you really ought to learn what fascism is. Guess what, it starts by Goverment controlling private industry.

    Yeah, Washington knows how to run the banks better than bankers do..

    ...they know how to run the auto industry better than automakers do...

    ..they know how to run healthcare better than health professionals do..

    ...let's bow down do omniscient Washington. Bureaucrats know better than everyone else. Oppressors one and all.

    Read Federalist 41. Read the Constitution.

    And most importantly, read the 10th Amendment. This fascist Federal goverment was never granted these powers by the people, and thus those power are reserved to the States or the People.

    Freedom TRUMPS government! The people did not GRANT the federal goverment these powers, but the fascist federal government is assuming them.

    No, you don't believe in freedom my subservient friend. Nor does this President.

    "Those who would trade freedom for security deserve neither." -- Benjamin Franklin