Friday, June 26, 2009

Sanford and fun

Mark Sanford refused federal stimulus. Of course, he found his stimulus elsewhere. He should have stayed at home, or at least visited Myrtle Beach instead of Maria.

Random thought:

Why does this pattern persist among male politicians? Is it only a false perception based on the headline value of a small percentage of miscreants? Or is it something about politicians needing love, exercising power and believing the rules don't apply to them? Or are they just being men?

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  1. H-Ira,

    What puzzles me is how he can have disappeared without notice for 5 days and then expected to get back to work.

    Disappearances other than being kidnapped by space aliens or going to rehab are generally firing offenses.

    Even when you show up clean, sober and smiling, after 5 missing days without a really good excuse, you are extremely likely to be fired on the spot.

    Ask anyone you know who is an employer.