Monday, February 09, 2009

All Hands ON Deck

Thank God for Capt. Chesley Sullenberger for refusing Katie Couric's idiotic attempt to bring God into the conversation about the US Air pilot's truly heroic feat in landing an airliner atop the Hudson River.

Couric asked him if he were praying as he assessed the situation, looked for Teeterboro Airport, communicated calmly with Air Traffic Control, glided at a perfect angle toward ferry boats, keeping the wings level, the tail down and the nose up.

The good Sully said something to the effect there may have been 150 people behind him praying but he was busy flying the airplane and trying to save their lives.

Basically, forget God. And fuck the morons in this world who want to attribute the historic feat of airmanship to unseen hands instead of to the merits of training, skill, advances in airplane design and government regulations. The hands were human hands on the stick. Where were God's hands all the times an equally experienced pilot crash landed and killed all aboard?

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