Monday, February 09, 2009

All Ears, But Mostly Tin

The most prominent features of President Obama's physiognomy are his ears.

But sometimes they are made of tin.

At his first press conference he repeatedly referred to "my Treasury secretary" instead of "ours," fell into the old ways of Washington by prefacing a perfectly good answer with the meaningless and content-deprecatory, "As I've said before," and actually referred to the burden of "signing" letters of condolence to families of service members killed in our two wars.

Dear Mr. President, you are supposed to actually write the damn letters, not just sign some junior speechwriter's hackneyed elegy.

And, you let my good friend Helen Thomas get away with the premise that there are only "so-called" terrorists hiding along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Yet, good for you for giving seven-minute essay-style answers to simple questions, at least refreshing viewers that a president can actually know what he is talking about.

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