Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inaugural Droppings -- VIII

DiFi Harder

Well, the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, its czarina herself, Dianne Feinstein and the U.S. Secret Service are falling all over themselves now to shift the blame for yesterday’s Inaugural seating fiasco – to someone!. They have set up commissions to investigate!

The initial excuses – too many interlopers, equipment malfunctions, people rushing another gate causing police to be diverted from the purple gate, people’s polar clothing being so bulky they could not quickly be screened and especially the lies that too many tickets had been given out and that people showed up too late – are preposterous and refuted by marvelous satellite photography.
What you see here is at the extreme right of the photo, the Capitol steps and the site of the actual Inauguration. At the extreme left, you see brown patches behind sections of seated guests. The brown patches represent bare ground where nobody is standing. It is called the purple section. Another part of the space picture shows me and several thousand of my best friends clumped two blocks away, penned up like sheep. (The long white diagonal image toward the bottom is the Secret Service checkpoint.)

The Money Shot

I didn’t get any pictures yesterday, and the one I really wanted was this. It says it all. Na-na-na-na, goodbye!”

Now I'm the Maddest M*****f*****

Did I mention that Samuel L. Jackson and Vanessa Williams were in the wrong line and, according to the Washington Post, were “rescued” by a policeman and escorted to, you guessed it, the purple section.

Hey, I've Been Shut Out of Better Parties Than This!

Maybe I should get no sympathy for being locked out by the crowds. The same newspaper reported that the crowd at Sunday night’s party at the home of New York Times columnist Maureen Down (MoDo) was so thick that Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck and Bruce Springsteen couldn’t get in.

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