Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A More Perfect Union

I had to leave for a meeting today, but because Barack Obama was late, so was I. I was not going to miss this one -- a speech that could make or break his candidacy for president. For the duration of the campaign, I have heard at home how maybe he's a cool guy but we don't know anything about him.

I would respond that we don't know anything about a lot of people we trust, and we don't know everything about anyone.

If you care to watch this 37-minute speech, here it is, and I would find it hard to believe anyone would not be moved and impressed by this man's history, humililty, oratory and organization of mind and spirit. Even enough to vote for him, I should think.

For those who doubted Obama's ability to take a punch and get back up, this speech should more than answer it.

(The only thing that bothered me, as one who appreciates historic rhetoric, was his interjection into future annals of great speeches the words "You Tube" and "gangbangers.")

Here is the transcript, but it is better watched and, according to conservative radio talker Michael Smerconish, better to have been in the hall.

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  1. Anonymous6:57 AM

    You are right, Ira. A wonderful, rational, clear, perceptive speech from a man who would bring a wonderful breath of fresh air to the Presidency. But I fear that will all turn out to be a pipe-dream. The only people who will have watched that will be those who are already Obama fans. The rest will be believing all the insidious poison that is being laid against him about Reverend Wright and Tony Rezko now that he appears to be on a roll. I see his support has dwindled considerably in North Carolina and Pennsylvania seems to have Clinton romping home.

    I wonder, cynically, if he is too intelligent a man for the masses of middle America, regardless of his colour or so-called disreputable links. On recent evidence, America seems to prefer a grinning, homespun, folksy, white man with average intelligence with whom they feel comfortable. There isn't one of those standing this time, but I suspect the country will end up with another conservative, white man for at least four years.

    Brian F.