Saturday, March 29, 2008

A McCain Running Mate Idea

Taking a break from mulling over the ramifications of the current presidential race, I took in a ballgame Saturday night. Not just any game, either, though it was only an exhibition -- the last game of spring training. And the first professional game played in the newest baseball stadium on earth.

Right now, it's called Nationals Park, but one day too soon the owners will sell naming rights for tens of millions of dollars.

'Tis a beautiful ballpark that will serve its occupants -- the Washington Nationals -- better than they may deserve until the concessions and naming rights revenue allow ownership to buy better ballplayers.

Prowling the edges of the stadium before the game, I did run into a familiar fellow, who should solve one of the Republicans' problems -- if only he would take John McCain's offer of the vice presidential nomination! After all, they are about the same age.

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