Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oops! They Did It Again

If newspapers are dying, as I wrung my hands over in the previous post, we will surely miss not only the vast array of knowledge they provide but the corrections that make all journalists say to themselves, "There but for the grace of Cod ..."

From the Web site "Regret the Error," are the year's best. At the top of the list is the following, but many of the rest are equally amusing.

This year’s winner is a correction to an April article in the Independent Saturday (UK) magazine:

Following the portrait of Tony and Cherie Blair published on 21 April in the Independent Saturday magazine, Ms Blair’s representatives have told us that she was friendly with but never had a relationship with Carole Caplin of the type suggested in the article. They want to make it clear, which we are happy to do, that Ms Blair “has never shared a shower with Ms Caplin, was not introduced to spirit guides or primal wrestling by Ms Caplin (or anyone else), and did not have her diary masterminded by Ms Caplin.”

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