Friday, October 26, 2007

More Doubts About Hillary

Her annoying vocal rhythms, her lack of spontaneity and her vote to approve both the Iraq war and the coming war against Iran have made it impossible me to vote for Hillary Clinton in a primary. Today comes the clincher, from a profile in the New York Times.
"... Today, 'it is what it is' has become a favorite phrase of Mrs. Clinton."
As I pointed out in this space last week, it is a phrase devoid of literal meaning and a euphemism of "not my responsibility."

Worse, even, than "nucular."


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    You said it, Ira. Watch this for more:

    "Hillary Knew" video on youtube

    If you like it, pass it on. If you don't, hey, it's only two minutes and twelve seconds from your life ...

  2. Anonymous5:11 AM

    An interesting little video on U tube but it seems to me that much of America, and certainly Democrats, are in denial. If Hillary is guilty of bad judgment over Iraq then so was 95% of the nation. To hear some of the critics now you would think there had been mass protests across the nation in opposition to the Iraq War.

    In fact, reading the media, trying to find a 'leftish' American who supported the invasion of Iraq is similar to trying to find a Nazi after Nuremberg.

    Your nation does have an unfortunate habit of standing four square patriotically behind every military initiative (or disaster?) until the body bags start coming back. THEN you discover a national conscience!

    Certainly there were other US Democratic politicians, like Obama, who had a more enlightened view. But how many of America's Democratic voters did THEY represent....until the body bags started coming back!!


  3. The video is an excellent piece of propaganda, and I use the term affectionately, because I feel film is supposed to move people. But I won't be passing the video on.

    I think it is a little much, another example of Democrats eating their young. (If you consider 60 young, which I certainly will very soon.)

    She is wrong, but not wrong for the presidency if the alternative is a Republican whose beliefs are out of the mainstream of American thought and out of the mainstream of scientific thought.

    She is my least favorite Democrat among those running, but if nominated she would be infinitely better a president than any of the Goppers in the race.

    If for no other reason, think of the judges Reagan and Bush appointed and the judges Clinton appointed and the judges Hillary would.