Friday, October 12, 2007

Ignoble Laureate

This just in ...

Former Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has stolen former Vice President Gore's Nobel Prize.


Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., has hit the celebrity trifecta -- in the same year an Emmy, Oscar and Nobel Peace Prize.

That doesn't change my opinion of Gore as the one true example of what Spiro Agnew (through the ventriloquism of William Safire) called a corps of "effete, impudent snobs."

He was raised in the penthouse of a Washington building that later became a Ritz hotel, went to St. Alban's School (the Washington, D.C., academy for privileged boys) from 4th through 12th grade, went to Harvard, joined the Army even though he opposed the Vietnam War so that his father could get re-elected to the Senate. His father lost his seat in 1970 because of the Agnew campaign against "radiclib" (read: moderates) in the Senate. In this case, Agnew was right.

Gore, the son, built a career in the House and then the Senate as a conventional, slightly right-of-center technocrat with all the charisma of bathroom floor tile. He was a trimmer, a compromiser, a man of no apparent conviction. He married a woman whose role in public life turned out to be to censor rock music lyrics.

He ran a terrible campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1988 and couldn't even beat Jesse Jackson or Michael Dukakis, for God's sake! He ran a worse campaign as his party's nominee for president in 2000 after turning against Bill Clinton, one in a long series of political patrons of this toadying sycophant. And he selected his evil twin in fatuous unction, Joe Lieberman, as his running mate! And he couldn't beat the devil himself in court after a cowardly wartime deserter stole his lunch money.

So, now, in his late middle age, Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., reaps the jackpot of fame, money and honor -- proudly joining a club that includes Henry Kissinger, Anwar Sadat, Menachem Begin, Jimmy Carter and Yasser Arafat.

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