Thursday, January 04, 2007

At a Quarter Past Two Please Hand Charlie a Sandwich

The nation is rightfully honoring the quick-thinking
subway hero who jumped in front of an oncoming New York train to save a man whose seizure had knocked him onto the tracks. Such incidents, luckily, are rare.

But another danger about the Big Apple's subway system compels attention because of its sheer frequency – diet-induced fainting. The newspaper AM New York reported this week that in the 12-month period ending last October, there were an average of 395 train delays in the system every month due to "sick customers." Anecdotal evidence from an MTA emergency technician puts fainting from diet-induced hunger at the top of the "sick" list.

It's a good thing the tiny town of Jackson, Ala., doesn't have a subway. About a third of the city devoted all of 2006 to a smart dieting program and lost 10,000 pounds. The moral there was that even those who did not complete the program learned how to lose weight and will try again.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Being an old Kingston Trio fan I must tell you that your heading song title does refer to the 'MTA' of the city of Boston but I am just nit picking :)

    Brian F.

  2. Yeah, just a small nit. I mean if you were going to write about hunger on the subway, wouldn't you immediately think of Charlie, too?

    By the way, the new electronic fare card on Boston's "T" is called the "Charlie card."

    You guys over there in Merrie Olde have a card named Charlie, too!

    I have been in the London tube and found it clean, efficient and safer than trying to walk and cross the street when motorists insist on driving on the wrong side.