Friday, December 01, 2006

Scientists Left HIgh and Dry

Regular readers of this blog know I like to muse about the pitfalls of science from time to time. At least they aren’t falls from being drunk.

It seems that in Brighton, England, on the third Tuesday of the month, townspeople and academics gather at a bar to talk about science topics. Would that it were a custom in the States, where people think science is the work of Satan (or worse, Democrats!)

Anyway, the community science symposia were suddenly canceled and left without a home by Sean Donnelly, manager of the Terraces Bar and Grill, according to the Sussex Argus newspaper, because the academics debate, cogitate, meditate and pontificate while drinking water, not booze.

The headline over the article in this Gannett-owned newspaper was, indeed, enticing, if not a little misleading: “Academics don't drink enough, says bar boss.”

Clearly a randomized clinical trial of a large number of the professoriate would be required to prove this assertion, but there is a purer science at work here: economics and the ring of a cash register. And that proof is at least 80.


  1. Anonymous12:37 AM

    And probably some of the profs are at least 80.


  2. Anonymous4:02 AM

    They even have entertaining lectures it seems and the next major one at The Terrace in February is 'ET: what would he be like?"

    An ideal opportunity for Mr.Donnelly to suggest that, unlike his screen portrayal, ET would appreciate the value of alcohol, and the licensed premises in which to consume it, as an aid to rational thought

    Brian F.