Friday, December 22, 2006

Puttin' on the Style

The Washington Post Style Invitational is in its 694th week of asking nits, wits, puzzle mavens, nerdy ex-Jeopardy constestants and others to submit supposedly funny responses on a particular theme.

It's sort of a scavenger hunt of the mind for which the Algonquin Round Table is the Holy Grail. Fittingly, those who win honorable mentions or top placement, are referred to as "losers" and get their names in print every Sunday.

I began entering a little over a year ago and am
proud to have been a loser 16 times this year, with one second place.

In fact, one of my honorable mentions was for describing something profoundly embarrassing that happened to you. My entry was something like, "I have been a journalist, writer and teacher for my entire career and this is the only way I can get my damn name in the Washington Post."

Another was to come up with a new state motto. Mine was "Vermont: Founded by Ira Allen."

In the most recent contest, as yet unjudged, you could redo any of contests from 2006, except your response has to relate to the number 3. I bit on the state motto again to come up with: "Connecticut: Three Parties, One Lieberman."

The contest is open to anyone, of course. The past year's contests, including the current one, should be viewable here, with my mentions under Weeks 688, 687, 683, 680, 677, 674, 673, 667, 666, 665, 663, 662, 657, 656, 647 and 644.

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