Saturday, November 04, 2006

Beyond Kafka

Under the Fourth Reich of George W. Bush, an American citizen can be swept off the streets, hustled secretly to a prison camp, held incommunicado with no charges against him, no lawyer allowed and no trial.

Now, Bushitler is telling a federal court that it must bar these very people from ever revealing the details of the “special interrogations” they underwent. In other words, secret arrests, potentially of American citizens, and torture cannot be spoken of, even if the victim is one day set free.

Bushitler wants to make it a crime to say that you have been tortured by the CIA.

Geez, what’s the penalty for that? More torture? Or maybe just Argentina-style “disappearances.”

As described in the Post article, this extraordinary claim of dictatorial power makes the nightmares of Franz Kafka (right) seem like daydreams.
Since the Bushitler rationale for the new police state is that the enemy is bent on destroying freedom, it won’t be long before the last newspaper allowed to be printed will have as a banner headline: “Terrorists Win.”

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