Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another Secret Victim of U.S. Torture

It has just come to light that although the United States does not torture prisoners in Iraq, a gifted U.S. soldier killed herself rather than take part in continuing interrogations. It was covered up by the Army for three years.

For objecting with her life to what Dick Cheney denies happened, Spc. Alyssa Peterson must have been a terrorist at heart, or even worse, a Democrat.

At least that’s what the sick bastard in the White House calls people who disagree with his war. If the Democrats win, the terrorists win, he has been saying.

I guess the entire United States of America is siding with the terrorists, based on polls, and before next Tuesday, expect some new threat to be announced. Get your personal affairs in order because on Wednesday, after the Democrats win, people will start being arrested as enemy combatants.

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