Monday, October 30, 2006

Faith the Nation

Although I am a strong supporter of Israel, I cannot abide the Bush administration's support for the country because if he and his acolytes had their way, they would not allow me or any other Jew to abide anywhere.

The reason that evangelical Christians are so in favor of a state created as a homeland for Jews is that they take literally the biblical injunction that only when such a state exists can the end of the world begin, at which point the Christians will become Muslim terrorists and "ask" Jews to convert or be slain.

Which is all by way of warning that whatever else Bushitler has done, nothing compares to his erasure of everything Western civilization has stood for since the Enlightenment -- a separation and protection of government and religion from each other.

I suppose God exists where ever you can find him, and Bush once found God on a saloon floor. Now, having infused the civil government of the United States with bloviating Bible-beating bunko artists, Bush has found God again -- by looking in the mirror -- disproving the idea that God created us in his own image.

Anyway, I am not qualified to continue on this subject -- other than to suggest that mixing politics and religion harms religion more than government -- but historian and critic Garry Wills is qualified, and here is his essay on God, politics and war from the current New York Review of Books.

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