Monday, December 20, 2010

Jews and Jesus -- Not a Match Made in Heaven

Let me state I am not in favor of murder.

But the "tourist" stabbed to death in Israel was one of those "Jews" who believe in the divinity of Jesus and was there to spread her message of self-hatred. I have even spit in the face of one of these vermin in D.C. who was proselytizing at Metro one Rosh Hashana.

It's bad enough there are Christian and Arab Jew-haters. And I understand Jews who converted during the Inquisition and the Holocaust. But it is the soi-disant "Jews" who claim that Jesus is their savior who are the truly evil merchants of death for millions of real Jews over the ages. They take money from churches to fool the uneducated into thinking there is no difference between Christians and Jews and sadly to protect themselves from a perceived stain of being a Jew.

We Jews are pretty tolerant and open to shadings of Judaism. But there is a line. You can't be a Jew and evangelize for a church. And damn you if you do.

If a Jew killed the woman, it's a shame. If an Arab killed her for being a Jew, it's an irony.

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