Friday, November 05, 2010

Leader of the Pack

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing new leadership among House Democrats, but I don't have a problem with Nancy Pelosi's decision to run for minority leader.

She is as proficient a legislative tactician and leader as Lyndon Johnson was as majority leader of the Senate. It was the Democratic Senate that killed the progressive legislation that Pelosi got through the House and it was the Democratic president who sold out liberal principles.

Republicans have succeeded in turning Congress into the British parliamentary model where national issues trump local ones and where party loyalty is paramount to constituent service. I have always wished for such a system because it clarifies and purifies policy.

Since Pelosi was targeted by Republicans even more so than President Obama, maybe she ought to stay right in place as an antidote to the right wing poison in the well of the House and make Republicans have to look at her every day as a reminder that they did not defeat the progressive agenda for a better America. The Republicans actually defeated the turncoat yellow-bellied "Blue Dog" Democrats who always threw in with them in order to save their seats but who got their sorry asses kicked anyway.

More than half of the right wing corporatist Democrats were defeated, and their losses represent half of all Democratic losses in the House elections. Thus the remaining real Democrats will have the same voice as before, but won't have the responsibility for plunging the country and the world into economic depression. The remaining yellow-bellied Blue Dogs ought to take heed and start voting their conscience -- either as Democrats or Republicans -- but not as both.

And since neither party now needs their few remaining votes, I would recommend that the first order of business for the Democratic caucus, who ever is chosen as leader, is to kick them and their turned coats out of the party.

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