Friday, August 27, 2010

Foul Balls

Baseball players are notoriously stupid. Chief among them this week is the St. Louis Cardinals’ magnificent Albert Pujols, by far the best offensive player in the game today and headed for a career as the best ever. Even more offensive is his brain and his manager Tony LaRussa.

LaRussa is pretty well disliked by a lot of baseball fans for coming across as a self-proclaimed most brilliant strategist in a game in which winning or losing pretty much comes down to who the starting pitcher is on any given day. When I first heard of LaRussa in the late 1970s, he was noted for being a lawyer and having taken over bad teams and making them better.

Ten years or so later, he was tagged as a genius by George Will, who thinks very much like LaRussa in that both are certain they ‘re the smartest people on earth.

On Saturday, LaRussa, a known right winger who supports Arizona’s anti-brown-person laws, is taking Pujols, a strong opponent of those laws, to visit the Lincoln Memorial before their game later that night in Washington. Nothing unusual, except at the time, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin will be leading a mini-Nuremberg rally of bigots, haters and ignoramuses on the anniversary and the location of the “I Have a Dream Speech.”

The two apparently met Beck some time ago and liked him. Well, Pujols has just lost at least half his fan base by agreeing to go as an honored guest along with LaRussa, who is the foulest or dumbest lawyer on earth. And that is because he swears there is nothing questionable about the rally because he has been assured it is nonpolitical.

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