Monday, March 22, 2010

Democrats in Name Only

So what does it mean to be a Democrat?

Not much if you are one of the 34 members of the House who turned their backs on the single most defining principle of the Democratic Party when it came time to vote on health insurance reform.

Among them are at least one African-American, one woman and one committee chairman. The African-American won't be back next year, not because of his vote, but because he is running for the Senate -- in Alabama. Lotsa luck, Artur Davis.

They voted against a centrist, business-oriented bill that will not only give tens of millions of Americans peace of mind but will enrich insurance companies, keep health care in private hands, cut medical costs, make little difference for the vast middle class and, oh yes, improve the nation's health.

Here is the list of Democrats who were elected with Obama's and Pelosi's support and fund-raising but who agreed with the Republican leader, who said the bill will ruin America.

Adler (NJ) Altmire Arcuri Barrow Berry Boren Boucher Bright Chandler Childers Davis (AL) Davis (TN) Edwards (TX) Herseth Sandlin Holden Kissell Kratovil Lipinski Lynch Marshall Matheson McIntyre McMahon Melancon Minnick Nye Peterson Ross Shuler Skelton Space Tanner Taylor Teague

Do they really think the Republicans in their district will support them for re-election just because they voted the "right" way on this? Does Betty White really play football?

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