Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Congressional action

So, Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida is condemned for calling an aide to Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke “ a K Street whore.” In Washington, that is a distinction from your run-of-the-mill “Logan Circle whore,” whose currency is actually measured in dollars per minute.

Apparently, the “W” word, which is used routinely in both politics and casual conversations to connote dishonesty, can be used now only when applied to a male.

Which brings me to Joe Lieberman, for whom “whore” is too kind a word. That he won the vice presidency in 2000 but was denied office is the only part of Gore v Bush that has any merit.

This filthy little lowlife who rose in politics by virtue of his being a Democrat, then turned against Al Gore, who had made little Joe a national figure, then refused to accept the fact that his home state Democrats voted to oust him from office, then got elected as an independent who promised to align himself with the Democrats so that they wouldn’t strip him of his committee chairmanships, then lusted after John McCain, now says he will personally block health care reform.

Now, a man is entitled to his opinions, but wouldn’t it be of general interest to know that the health care reform bill he can single-handedly block by joining a Republigoon filibuster, would create competition for the very industries he takes money from in exchange for his votes, even though by doing so he denies his own political heritage?

Where does Joe Lieberman come from? Connecticut. What is the insurance capital of the country? Hartford. What is the capital of Connecticut? Hartford. How much money has Joe Lieberman collected in his Senate career from doctors, insurance company and Big Pharma? Only $2.7 million.

You could get a whole of action at Logan Circle for one-1,000th of that amount.

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