Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Cowardly Lyin'

Not only is he a murderous lowlife and war criminal, but Dick Cheney is also a coward. I am not referring to the fact he skipped out on the draft five times during the Vietnam war on grounds “I had better things to do,” I am talking about him hiding behind the skirt of his equally mendacious daughter.

That would be daughter Liz, the one who actually wears skirts.

Having found a compatriate in Mika Brzezinski, hosting the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC in Joe’s absence, Liz keeps appearing as a guest to accuse Democrats of disloyalty, and Mika nods her heads and kisses her ass rather than ask any obvious questions. This could be because Mika Brzezinski is the spawn of a previous generation’s war criminal, Zbigniew Brzezinksi, who I first encountered in 1964 when he was, from an academic perch, calling for escalation of the war Liz’s father ducked out on. He later became the national security adviser to that genius of American foreign policy, Jimmy Carter, and a staunch opponent of Israel’s security.

The issue today is Dick Cheney’s reliably reported order to the CIA to keep Congress in the dark about a program that apparently planned to assassinate al-Qaeda leaders after 9/11.
While her daddy went out a few months ago on a public relations offensive to slime Democrats the way his former boss Richard Nixon did without a twitch, all of a sudden when the heat is on him for traducing the Constitution and his boss, Cheney the coward is in hiding and sending his daughter out to friendly TV shows to not quite make his case.

What is her expertise? Liz Cheney served in the Bush administration as a deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs. Like she was really qualified for it. Like Mika Brzezinski is qualified for anything but giggling and defending Sarah Palin “as a woman.”

What is the substance of my complaint? When Liz Cheney is asked to defend her father’s illegal act in telling the CIA to hide information from those whom the law dictates be informed, she says he has not spoken to her about it because it involves classified information. Yet Lying Liz then goes on an uninterrupted rant saying Democrats are “emboldening” the enemy and “weakening us” – without a shred of evidence, because such evidence is classified. Or is it?

I won’t argue the United States should not have done everything possible to kill al-Qaeda leaders – though it is illegal for the CIA itself to do so. And it sure would have made more sense than invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

But there are three facts to keep in mind that apparently have slipped through Liz Cheney’s pleated brain: 1) The program was never put into operation and the only reason why not apparently is that we didn’t have the means or will. 2) The law requires eight congressional leaders to be apprised of CIA activities as a measure of oversight caused by the very rogue activities – like overthrowing the popular leader of Iran in 1953—that put the United States in the weakened condition it is now. 3) In the 34 years of the notification requirement, there has never been a leak.

As for Cheney the Dick, one assumes he has gone underground either because he could be arrested and extradited for crimes against humanity or because he is much more comfortable closer to hell.

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