Monday, April 27, 2009

Still in a Purple Haze

I wanted to share the following e-mail exchange I had with the "Presidential Inauguration Committee, which sent me a note asking if I wanted to buy even more merchandising crap.

Where were you when Barack Obama was sworn in as president?

It's a question our kids and grandkids will be asking us for years to come.
You know where I was? I was standing for hours in 15-degree weather freezing my ass off outside the Purple Gate, denied entrance to the Capitol grounds despite a ticket. So this was an event I will always remember -- as the first instance of incompetence, which I now see running through the ranks of the civil service under political hacks who have no sense of how things really work or ought to work.

We Purple Gaters never got so much as an apology or a make-good event with the president. I wish Obama well, but I wish unremitting hell to whomever thought the opening lines of this marketing scam was clever.

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