Monday, February 02, 2009

D.C. Droppings - XII

The Party's Over
President Obama (God, isn’t it sweet just to say that over and over again) will get most of what he wants in his economic plan. But true to form, like the fabled scorpion who cajoles a tortoise to carry him across the river, Republicans will try their best to destroy themselves just out of spite.

The GOP is as distasteful party as the NDSP of the Weimar Republic and Third Reich. They take perfectly good ideas and perfectly good words and twist them into crosses they bash intelligent people over the head with.

Take their bleating last week – bought hook, line and sinker by the mainstream media – that the Democrats won the House vote on the economic stimulus bill on a “party line vote,” suggesting that for all his post-partisanship, Obama failed. The mainstream media are supposed to portray things as they are, but they failed again this time.

The truth is that 12 Democrats voted with the Republicans while all Republicans voted against the Democratic bill. That is not a party line vote. The only party line being followed was the ghastly Republican line that said, “We don’t want Obama to succeed.”

One of these snot-noses (it was early and I didn’t catch which one) actually had the gall to complain that the Obama plan seeks to spend nearly a trillion dollars with hopes it will “trickle down” to the masses. “Trickle down,” of course was the Republican economic program since the says of the robber barons – pour federal money onto the elite and some of it might eventually make some laborer a few dollars better off by the time he retired.

“Trickle down” to me means the best part of these jamokes trickled down their fathers’ legs.

I have no clue as to which formula of tax cuts and spending increases will bring America back, and it is quite possible Obama does not either. But I know not one Republican leader has proposed an alternative. When you are looking at $895 billion in projects, it is pretty easy to snipe at small items. And when it comes to small items, look around for Mitch McConnell, Jon Kyle, John Boehner and that shanda Eric Cantor.

They are losers who condemned Democrats and others as unpatriotic for not giving George Bush everything he wanted in national defense but feel no such treason when they stand in the way of million of jobless, starving, emotionally crushed Americans.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

Journalism, More or Less
On a slightly lesser note, the mainstream media bought the whole Rod Blagojevich story that he was railroaded by not allowing the call witnesses at his impeachment proceedings. A lie. He could call anyone except a few people the prosecutor did not want to testify for fear of jeopardizing the criminal trial.

And on another familiar note, here is the lead I would like to have written following Super Bowl XLIII:

Jesus H. Christ, tired of sports figures hypocritically giving him credit for their own hard work and talent, turned on his biggest booster, Kurt Warner, Sunday and guided Pittsburgh Steeler Santonio Holmes' feet to remain inbounds to catch the winning touchdown that defeated Warner's "Cardinals" in the Super Bowl.

"I am waiting for that one-time grocery clerk to come out and blame me for his last second fumble, and believe me I can wait for eternity to hear it, but I doubt I will," Christ said. "I've got bigger things in which to intervene than a lousy football game," he added. "This is the last time I will do it, so Kurt, hang em up."

Toothless in D.C.
Today was 2-2. I am now recovering from the loss of my two front teeth. No accident, just genetics and mostly bad dental hygiene, and when the swelling stops, I will look really pretty with a perfect upper bridge. It will be the first time I will not have had a rather fetching space between them, and I am sad I won’t be able to spit water as far as I used to.

I guess that means I'm grown up.

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