Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Mouse Aspiring to Become a Rat

Now I really hope the Senate rejects Roland Burris, the mousy little man who looks like a mouse and is now aspiring to rathood.

The mere fact that Burris, while winning statewide office twice, has also lost three Democratic primary races, was never on Gov. Rod Sonofabic's original E-bay list does in fact taint him. He was appointed by the black-hearted governor precisely because he is black-skinned and to help stave off impeachment and/or conviction by what will be a largely black-jury.

He was "appointed" to the seat only because of his race, yet he claims his previous losses in his own liberal Democratic party were based on race. He was "appointed" as the last desperate act of a black-hearted blackmailing prison-bound governor to screw the Democratic party in his state by making it hard to hold the seat in 2010. He arrived in Washington proclaiming his "appointment" was "what the Lord has ordained," thus verifying he is a charlatan who believes his benefactor is Rod BlaGODevich.

Roland Burris won two statewide elections as a "downticket downstater" riding the coattails of better candidates and lost three statewide primaries because he is dull and unimaginative. Not that the Senate doesn't have its share of losers. But at least they were elected by losers, not "appointed" by them.

So for him to say he is qualified is to mean his is above 30 years old, a United States citizen and a resident of Illinois. Other than that, he is a hack, a joke, a jerk, a social climber who should have heeded the ancient advice: "Never look a gift horse in the mouth." He should have looked at the horse's ass, instead. That is, the governor.

Now, there is a qualified senator who has yet to take his seat -- the multitalented Al Franken, who in this clip shows he knows what a song and dance is all about.

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