Friday, October 31, 2008

Campaign Droppings XVIII

Doing My Part(y)

In the last iteration of this blog, I suggested reasons why John McCain could win the election. Here are two more:

1) Thanks to the cockroach McCain would succeed as cowboy-in-chief, the voting public is irreparably divided, such that there is no chance that even if Obama wins would it be by a landslide – a landslide in presidential politics anything 55 percent or more. Because of the Reconstruction-like division of the people, the worst Republican anyone could imagine has a chance of becoming vice president.

2) Feeling like a political free-rider content to write an occasional check, I was cajoled by a sweet voice on the phone to actually do something; so on Tuesday morning I will drive a couple of hours to Pennsylvania and either drive people to the polls, make calls or knock on doors. If I am required to actually come face to face with a voter, this could add a fraction of a point to McCain’s total.

Dumb as a Refundable Coke Bottle

Sarah the Numbskull has been saying that Obama’s plan to offer a refundable tax credit to low-income workers is proof he is a socialist, or at best a redistributors of the wealth, “refundable” meaning you get it all even if you don’t have to pay taxes.

For all her talents, she has the consistency of school cafeteria jello. Psst, Sarah? The McCain-Palin “health care” plan is based on a refundable tax credit.

Hey, McCain? You wanted a maverick? Now live with her!

Like you did with your first wife.

Is She Good for the Jews?

Another Reaganite, former presidential chief of staff Kenneth Duberstein, has come out for Obama. Last week, neocon warmonger Ken Adelman did so. Earlier, former Reagan Solicitor General (and until recently McCain legal adviser) Charles Fried flipped to Obama. As did former Republican Rep. Claudine Schneider, and the libertarian son of right-wing economist Miltion Friedman. As did former Reagan intelligence adviser Rita Hauser.

They claim any number of reasons, but I am certain they, like other Jewish Republicans, are terrified of Sarah Palin, her witch-doctor pastor and the anti-Semitism hovering around her like the ghost of Hamlet's father.

Maybe Joe the Traitor of Connecticut eventually will see the light, as the others have, and remember there may well be an afterlife. If he doesn't, one can hope he will feel the heat. For the rest of eternity.

Let ‘Em Eat Grits

In its final days, the Bush administration is recklessly rewriting regulations that even a more heavily Democratic Congress will be hard pressed to overturn. Among them is tightening the requirements for using the “Family Leave” Act.

As with so many other Democratic-inspired pieces of legislation – the eight-hour day, child labor laws, food and drug safety, Social Security, the GI Bill, Medicare, Medicaid, the earned income tax credit, the child-care credit, Pell grants – many middle-class Americans with lower-class minds live better lives and then persistently vote for Republican tax-cutters.

If I had my way, I would refuse any federal service to people who earn less than $50,000 a year ($100,000 per couple) and vote Republican on economic grounds. Let ‘em eat grits.


I remain undecided on how to vote on a state constitutional question on my ballot next Tuesday.

It would allow for early voting and “no-excuse” absentee ballots. Democrats love these rules, now in effect in a majority of states, because it presumably allows more low-income people and/or people concerned about election thievery to exercise their rights.

But I don’t like it. Rules are rules. It’s like when one of my football heroes, Boomer Esiason, said after losing a close game, “If we had five more minutes we would have won.”

I had thought the voting day was set by the Constitution. Actually it is set by Congress, although every state must have the same day for voting, presently the first Tuesday after the first Monday of November. Voting is one of the last communal events in our culture. If you are going to be out of town, or are an invalid, absentee ballots sent out on a certain date and returned by a certain date, are required.

But why let people vote before the “game” is over? What you have in Ohio now is, instead of post-election vote theft and court cases, is a floating judicial crap game that lends itself to perhaps more chicanery than the stealing of votes on a single day when bipartisan poll judges can blow the whistle.

If you can vote early, how early is good? If you can vote early, why not be able to vote late, on grounds something could happen on the first Wednesday after the first Tuesday after the first Monday that could change your mind?

Rules are rules. Everybody who is in town and healthy should have to vote on one day (with times extended in case of bad weather or long lines) and anyone caught tally tampering should be executed. All on the same day.

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Yes indeed, Ira wrote:

    "But I don’t like it. Rules are rules."

    I can just hear Vin Scully now... "And here comes the 7-2 pitch...!" Ah yes, the early baseball rules called for 8 balls for a base on balls. Rules are rules.

    You see, that's what I've been saying all along. Obey the rules that are in the constitution. HOWEVER, when they need to be changed, you amend such constitution and change the rules.

    So Ira, are you saying that the Maryland Constitution should never be changed? I know, let's go back to a time when the Maryland "Declaration of Rights and the Constitution and form of Government" read thusly:

    "That as it is the duty of every man to worship God in such manner as he thinks most acceptable to him, all persons professing the christian religion are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty, wherefore no person ought by any law to be molested in is person or estate on account of his religious persuasion or for his religious practice...."

    There you go. Freedom of religion. For all persons professing Christian faith. Rules are rules.

    And we move on to this little ditty: "...the legislature may in their discretion lay a general and equal tax for the support of the christian religion, leaving to each individual the power of appointing the payment over of the money collected from him, to the support of any particular place of worship or minister..."

    Yes, rules are rules. The Maryland Constitution according to you shouldn't be amended because rules are rules.

    (The excerpts are from the Maryland Constitution as it stood from 1776 to 1851)

    You'll be pleased to know I (in my state that actually matters) took advantage and have already voted. I also made sure to point out to my co-early voters waiting in line that due to the expected high turnout, voting for first-time voters had been extended until Wednesday to make it easier for them to vote with shorter lines. You can thank me later.

    But I digress...

    Moving on to your discussion about who's good for the Jews... (Note that I am an unwavering supporter of Israel)

    Someday, after the election is over, and the LA Times releases the transcript of what Barack Obama said when he toasted PLO terrorist Rashid Khalidi, don't be surprised if the words being suppressed by the (impartial) news media were: "Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palistine." and also there's been "genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis."

    Obiously, these quotes are unconfirmed, but WTF is with the LA Times? They know what was said, yet they refuse to provide the videotape or a transcript. Are we that stupid? The LA Times was given a videotape to ensure it *wouldn't* be released?

    Gotta love the news media. They could tell us directly what exactly Obama said. But they won't. Not until after the election, or his presidency.