Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Red-Headed Sasquatch for Jesus

This is going to be so much fun!

The governor of Alaska, who nobody -- not even most Republicans -- had ever heard of a week ago, is rapidly destroying her credibility. And on her strong points!

Remember, now, that she is a working mother of five, including a Down Syndrome infant.

She is also the mother of a pregnant teenager and a son about to deploy to the battlefield of what she calls "Eye-rack" in a war she calls inspired by God.

She was thoroughly vetted, says the McCain camp, but do you think they really knew about the pregnant daughter? OK, maybe. Do you think they knew how this paragon of clean government who was for Ted Stevens and his Bridge to Nowhere before she was against them hired a lobbyist to bring millions of earmarked federal dollars to her tiny little strip mall of a village?

Do you really think they knew she was once a member of a political party that called for secession of Alaska from the United States?

I don't.

It should be no surprise that she is a religious and political fanatic, which is fine in her own state and her own church. But even the most conservative of the conservative might have a little trouble with this video of a guest sermon in which she says the Iraq war and its leaders are doing God's will. (Scroll down to the June 8 sermon and watch it from the 5:45 mark to about 7:30, when she finishes with a tribute to "a red-headed Sasquatch for Jesus."

(You will have to find the video on You Tube, huffington or the blog of your choice as the church has informed viewers: "WasillaAG.net was never intended to handle the traffic it has received in the last few days. Due to technical limitations, WasillaAG.net will be unavailable for the immediate future. Thank you for your visit.")

Then tell me, Mr. Glock, what else she has going for her other than her GILFitude.

For the rest of the readers, please participate in the adjacent poll as to how long she will last before being Eagletoned.


  1. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I'm sure it must have been all the traffic coming from your blog that crashed the site and made them pull the video, so, I have not seen it. No matter. Nothing that Mrs. GILF could say in church could be any more offensive than what Obama supported for years; the racist venom spewed from Rev. Wright. His outrage was, uh, not exactly timely. I'm still waiting to read yours. I'll call it even on that score.

    What else has she got going for her? Hmmmmm... Let's think...

    She has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined.

    She knows that gun rights are an individual right protected by (not granted by) specific enumeration in the Constitution. She knows that gun control means having a tight spread.

    She knows more about ANWR than Obama, Biden, McCain and at least 529 other imbeciles in the US Congress. (Bambi doesn't live in ANWR like Katie Couric would have you believe. It's a frozen chunk of ice that's in the dark 6 months a year.) Drill now. F*ck the arabs.

    She's not from inside the beltway.

    She was never a member of the Alaska Independence Party regardless of what you read on dailykos or huffandpuffpost.
    Good thing you're not a journalist.

    She's already had the associated with Nazis tag applied by the kooky left, which means she's *really* got their panties in a wad.

    She's not Hillary.

    She has vetoed bills, including one simply because it was against the State's Constitution. Wow! A politician actually *following* a Constitution and upholding their oath of office! Woohoo!!

    She openly admits to having inhaled.

    She believes that parents, not the State, should decide what their children are learning in schools.

    She can spell potato.

    Hell, I'd marry this woman myself. I'd be even *more* stoked if the ticket were upside down. She's more qualified than the lot of them.

    Oh yeah, did I mention she's a babe? This will be fun indeed.

  2. Anonymous4:12 AM

    From watching her sneering Conference speech , I'd say she's an empty vessel who makes a lot of noise

    Brian F