Saturday, August 02, 2008

"But Sometimes I Hit London" *

Much as I am optimistic about Barack Obama's chances, I still winced when I saw 200,000 Germans cheering political cant in Berlin, where I suppose it is called Kant.

I am not a fan of German products, but I did have to fly Lufthansa once, on a business trip from Bonn to Rome, and I could have sworn that the stewardess (they still called them that back then) told me, "You WILL have coffee, tea or milk."

Anyway, I bring to you a German product I like as a total timewaster, a Lufthansa site where you try to land a plane in the proper city. I would suggest this particularly to the Northwest Airline pilot who actually landed a U.S. flight in the entirely wrong city.

Look to the right for Virtual Pilot.

* Mort Sahl's suggested subtitle for Werner von Braun's autobiography, "I Aim for the Stars."

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