Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Why I'm Voting Republican"

Among recent deaths, there was one that stands out. A man who revolutionized politics as practiced on television. No, not Tim Russert. I am talking about Tony Schwartz, a recluse and a genius, who used the sound of a Coke filling a glass as the only element of a commercial that still makes me thirsty even as I remember the ad.

Schwartz,understanding that radio listeners and TV viewers fill in the blanks of ambiguous messages, was the auteur of the "The Daisy Ad" that showed a little girl counting down the petals until a nuclear explosion filled the screen. No one was killed by the blast, except for Barry Goldwater.

Each campaign produces some dark artistry, and so far the best of the lot is this 3:28 explanation of why people should vote Republican.

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