Friday, January 04, 2008

English as the Official Language

I am still reeling that my two favorites both won (a first in my personal political history, and what was particularly uplifting to wordsmiths and curmudgeons everywhere is that both Obama's and Huckabee's victory statement were, to plagiarize Joe Biden, "clean and articulate." And extemporaneous.

Although I obviously do not subscribe to his issues, I have long admired Huckabee for his demeanor, wit and apparent honesty. Just as he says he would rather have an atheist in office who is open about his nonbelief than a Christian hypocrite, I would rather have a creationist evangelist in office who says he is tolerant than a "compassionate conservative" who is neither.

I first heard his act years ago on the Don Imus radio show, which propelled Bill Clinton to the critical New York primary victory in '92 and promoted any number of other successful pols. In fact, the only pol who has refused Imus is Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, if both Obama and Huckabee go all the way, what a treat it will be to hear English restored as the official language of presidential campaigns.

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